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The transform of the latest technologies in the last 50 years, have connected different parts of the world into a global city now. This great changes have brought more business activities between each other and at the same times making business into more complex and creative.

As the business growth in the city, the demands of various variety of Food & Beverage, Shopping Malls and Hotel have been increasing tremendously. These changes have in return adding heavy loading to the city waste water discharge management. An effective waste water treatment within the business compound will ease the loading of the waste water discharge to the environment and ultimately benefit the business operator in the maintenance cost of its drainage piping, grease trap, septic tank and various odors generated from the waste.

ORIGREEN™ technology specialized in providing an non-toxic, non-chemical, natural green solutions helping F&B outlets, Shopping Malls, Hotel and Condominiums to solve their daily waste issues. The core solution, GREASE & SLUDGE DIGESTER is state-of-the-art one of its kinds in the world whereby it effectively digest the fat, oil and grease discharged from the kitchen waste within hours and left no solid waste and odor behind. It works effectively for large scale commercial waste including organic sludge, clogged drain pipes and toilet odor.
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