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The preserve and conserve precious resources of the earth at this present stage of time has seemed to be an critical discussed topic among countries authority. Due to the mass activities and negligence behavior of human being to our environment, we are gradually destroying our living earth with air pollution, water pollution and even soil/land pollution, which may left behind a “sick” earth for our next generation. All scientist and various experts from different domains are joining in as a part to “save” our earth by inventing new technology, drafting proper protocol, implementing law and regulation to protect our earth.

ORIGREEN™ technology aims to contribute as a part to “save” this earth by:

(a) eliminating the noxious odors and emission from the waste treatment plants with a cost-effective and safe solution. Result has proven that ORIGREEN™ solution are able to reduce odors rapidly and even it is a wide range volatile organic compounds (VOC), such as ammonia or hydrogen sulfide.

(b) Remedy the soil and land performance in the gardening of the staying environment such as parks and ponds by increasing the oxidation rate of organic pollutants, which will increase its effectiveness to the remedy of the contaminated soil or polluted bodies of water within the soil.

(c) improving the waste water discharged outcome from various industries and towns which will meet the regulatory discharge requirements and at the same time eliminating the operating and capital costs than the present conventional resources.
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