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The human daily diets needs are mainly from three sources : crop, livestock and aquaculture.

Over the decade, the world global food demands in quality and quantity have been increased in a tremendous speed, especially in the crop plantations. One of the core reason is the fast increase of human population. This changes have forced the farmers in the crop plantations to look into the most productivity and efficiency methods to improve the crop yield without increasing the overall fertilizer spend at the same time frame.

Livestock production industries in this world are all commonly facing 3 main problems : (1) the excessive odors created by the livestock; (2) the limited cropland and water supply to breed the livestock and (3) how to manage in between providing the livestock the most nutrient and the economic loading on pastures.

Meanwhile, in aquaculture production industries, the farmers are facing almost similar problems as the pastures. The add on algae control management for the sea water aquaculture breeding has created extra loading to this industries

ORIGREEN™ technology stimulates microbial activity in the soil, increases the soil nutrient and in return enhances the crop growth and vigor. It also helping to preserve the soil condition to a stage level of non-chemical and non-toxic land for a longer term and reduce potential contamination to ground water. In return, it help the farmer to improve crop yields and add on more harvests to the same plot of land.

ORIGREEN™ technology is a powerful biocatalyst that also helps to eliminate odor in the pastures and aquaculture. At the same time, it decomposes these organic wastes into safe, useful and natural end products such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen gas and water which assist the pastures and aquaculture to fulfill the authority standards and at the same time enhances high productivity and efficiency to their industries. .

ORIGREEN™ products are safe to humans, animals and the environment.
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