Water Treatment Solution

Product Name: ORIGREEN Water Treatment Solution

Product Code: H96

Product Function:
  • Eat up sludge
  • Reduce BOD & COD
  • Reduce ammonia & NH2,3,4
  • Remove odor
  • Repair soil & land

Use recommended :
  • Follow the standard operating procedure (SOP)

  • Improves the quality and health of bedding
  • Reduce sludge production handling (up to 60%)
  • Removes hydrogen sulphide, ammonia and nitrates
  • Reduces fly numbers by removing organic attractions
  • Increases plant capacity by reducing contact time (capital avoidance)
  • Reduces Chemical Oxygen Demand(COD), Biological Oxygen Demand(BOD) and Total Suspended Solid(TSS)
  • Manages Total Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorous loading On cropland and pasture
  • Animal farm waste
  • Sewage plant treatment
  • Improve water Oxygen Demand(OD)

100% organic, non-toxic
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