Grease Solution

Product Name: ORIGREEN Grease Solution

Product Code: U57

Product Function:
  • Eat up grease / F.O.G.
  • Reduce total suspended solid / suspended solid
  • Remove odor

Use recommended :
  • Follow the standard operating procedure (SOP)

  • Cost Effective
  • Improves “grey” water clarity
  • Boots septic system operation
  • Reduces gas pressure build up pipes
  • Can save on expensive plumbling callouts
  • Reduces rat & fly numbers by removing organic attractions
  • Fast acting, effective removal of oil organic waste materials
  • Removes odors compounds that attract cockroaches and rodents
  • Manufacturing & plantation waste use
  • Grease trap maintaining
  • Mainhole maintenance
  • Piping maintenance

100% organic, non-chemical, non-pathogenic, non-toxic
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